Mad et Len

Mad et Len Potpourri


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Crafted in a small village in the Alps, France, our Mad et Len Potpourri is enchanting in both look and fragrance. They're scented using pure original perfume, carefully developed by a chemist using wood, spices, flowers and house made essential oils to create singular, intoxicating aromas. Our fresh Spirituelle Potpourri infuses its scent in beautiful amber resin crystals, while our enticing Terre Noire Potpourri features natural lava rocks sourced from the Sahara Desert. Our Mad et Len Potpourri is housed in blackened iron jars with matching snuff lids, hand forged by a local blacksmith. Refresh your potpourri as needed with the one ounce bottle of oil.

• 4.5" diameter x 3.75"H
• Net Weight: 21 oz
• 1 oz bottle of scented refresher oil
• France

Cedar, Cypress, Mandarin Tree

Wild Fig Tree, Damp Earth

Mint, Orange Blossom, Wormwood

Black Soil, Mineral, Petrified Pine, Aged Oak

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