Caldarium Diffusers

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Over these majestic courtyard flow, dappled morning light, washing all day clean with divine promise. Granite pillars, decorative mosaics - red, green, gold leaf. Fragrant white grapefruit, clementine and lime-filled atriums seduce. Fresh fruit, dates, honey and wine. Quiet mystical rooms, lit by amber candlelight; imperial and luxurious.

ATRIUM: Experience mystical rejuvenation, crisp afternoons al fresco, breathtaking moods. Indulgent scents of citrusy white grapefruit, spicy-sharp peppercorn, luxurious noble sandalwood, delightful patchouli, evocative and elegant royal amber.

COASTAL WAVES: Escape into healing and redolent pampering, surrounded by seaside tranquility. Elegant coastal bergamot, grassy green herbal accord, woody, refined Mediterranean cypress, crisp sweet clementine leaf, aromatic wild ginger, clean fresh white musk.

MOSSY SPRING: Reinvigorate soul plus spirit, relax in aquatic retreat. Sun-dappled springs, soft inviting aromas: water and nature join. Tart, crisp lime, seductive blue lavender, fresh marine sage, spicy ginger root, opulent sandalwood, sun-kissed oceanic musk.

SUNRISE BREEZE: Serenity bathed in morning light, under topaz skies. Breezy open windows-whispering aromas of tangy lemon peel, woody dried tobacco, soothing warm leather, earthy vetiver grass, sultry mossy santal, forest-tinged notes of green amber.

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