Irwin Ribera is borne of the aesthetic worlds inspired by the lives of our maternal grandmothers a century ago. Although we are based in Southern California, we approach home décor through their points of view—Irwin, an elegant approach cultivated in the American Midwest; and Ribera, a lively and colorful look from Spain. This unexpected pairing creates a wholly sophisticated style, one as traditional as it is worldly.

We travel the globe seeking out the best in tabletop and home accessories, creating a well-curated shop for the splendidly eclectic. Only the finest materials are welcomed, and craftsmanship is key to every item we offer. So much life happens at home, we want to inspire you to make it the home you dream of.

Irwin Ribera proudly sells Blue Pheasant tableware and Pigeon & Poodle home accessories. With a rapidly growing online shop, we will continue to add new and unique brands that focus on luxurious textures and materials.