Ferrum Diffusers

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WILD GROVES: Towering branches circling swaying verdant fields, at river's mouth a wild hawk heralds breaking dawn. You're welcomed home, meeting bold enticing scents of spicy-sweet zesty bergamot, fragrant floral Italian orange blossom, honeyed zesty neroli petals, intensely aromatic white jasmine, woody musky ambrette, creamy rich elegant amber.

SEA WATER FOAM: The seasons themselves arrive with soft winds, afternoon rains, flowers of every conceivable color dominating hillsides - inviting marine-inspired smells. Tart salty sea berries, invigorating sea salt, lemony-green vetiver grass, regal foresty coastal cypress, earthy sea sprayed driftwood, fresh aquatic amber.

LEATHER SATCHEL: Cobblestone paths at open doorways and grated windows, furnaces ablaze. Rhythmic hammer and tongs forging with strength and precision heated iron, steel. Courtyard air vibrant with potent smells: smoothly rich cured leather, citrusy red mandarin peel, heady vanilla bean, musky rich patchouli, earthy warm amber, smoky sweet myrrh. 

MIND WOODS: Lose all sense of time and place among layered canopies of calming refreshment - where invigorating light gives way to the entrancing allure of the misty depths. The journey begins with cleansing water mint, smoky wild lavender, orange blossom, and warm honeyed neroli, leading to refreshing woody bamboo and darkly mysterious wormwood

FOREIGN PORT: The thrilling vibration of provincial sensations - converging in unlikely, breathtaking harmony. It's a placeless destination that is inexplicably home to all. Give yourself over to blossomy petitgrain, smoldering sage, enigmatic jasmine, sweetly complex cardamom, ancient cypress, and cooling silver pine.

Diffuser 270 ML/ 9.1 FL OZ:
Size: 3"D x 6.5"H
Diffuser time: 90 Days

Diffuser 500 ML/ 16.9 FL OZ:
Size: 3.5"D x 7.5"H
Diffuser time: 150 Days

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