The Thanksgiving Table


Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It is best known as a time to gather with those closest to us around a table of tasty turkey, sweet cranberry sauce, rich potatoes and gravy, and bountiful bread (is your mouth watering yet?). And this year more than ever, spending quality time with those family and friends is incredibly important for our well-being. In fact, they are some of the only people that we can spend our time with while the COVID restrictions are in place! So today, we’re sharing a list of some items to make your Thanksgiving table the most welcoming and beautiful it can be for your special gathering.



You cannot decorate your dinner table without the table! If you’re in need of an update, we love the Godal Dining Table from Made Goods. It walks the line between a few styles. It is made from the more traditional material of wood, but leans towards modern with its grey undertones. The wood grain on top runs across the table lengthwise, and is balanced by the set of three horizontally placed boards at either end; while the thinner top is balanced by the thicker legs. In summary, it just feels good and goes with nearly any decor! It comes in two sizes, so it can fit most any family. 


Dinnerware is the pièce de résistance as they feature the beautiful food for each guest. It’s also repeated at each place setting, so it establishes or reinforces your style. 

The most classic look on this list is this Scalloped Dinnerware from Blue Pheasant. While the edging is ornate, it also fits well into the ever-popular farmhouse interiors. 

Elegance and simplicity oozes from the Julianna Dinnerware. The gold-leaf trim gives the otherwise white, traditional plate a hint of glamour. 

For a natural look, their Rowan Dinnerware set can’t be beat. It is made of teak in a flatter shape to show off its earthy grains. While very unique, it is more delicate than our other options and must be taken care of properly. If hand-washing with mineral oil sounds too cumbersome, check out their charger plates in the same style. They will add an earthy touch without needing to dirty them with food. 

For a vintage flare and a hint of color, check out Lanna Dinnerware. Its light pink, creamy color and delicate glaze is understated and stunning. Pair it with some gold silverware to create an elegant, tasteful set. 


You can’t wash down those mashed potatoes with just any water! We hear that if it comes from a special glass, it tastes even better. 

For an orate look that features a fleur-de-lys, check out the Lys from Irwin Ribera. It feels good in the hand and is hand blown.

We adore the deep jewel-toned rose color in the Ruby Glassware from Blue Pheasant. Combined with the swirl pattern, it is eclectic but elegant.

Want to create some subtle energy? The Quinn features hand-blown bubbles – perfect for craft cocktails or as tea light votive candleholders.

And for the most modern look, the Terris has subtle striping. While it looks new and fresh, it still feels classic because of its clean, tapered shape. 


Napkin Rings

Getting the last bit of turkey off of the bone and holding warm buttery biscuits means messy hands. Feature your cloth napkins with a napkin ring to add a bit of sophistication to an otherwise sticky situation. 

First up, a cream-colored beaded chain napkin ring from Blue Pheasant. The Sati is an elegant but fun option that is an understated, beautiful detail against a white cloth napkin. 

The Tara reminds us of Grecian headband in design and color. This subtle hint of gold is a tasteful addition to the table.

For an eclectic flair, check out the Natalie owl rings. They maintains its sophistication as it is made of delicate white porcelain.

Placemats and Placecards

Frame plates, silverware, and glasses with placemats to solidify each setting. Welcome each guest to their seat with easy-to-make name placards, and feature them with these fantastic little holders.

A very festive option for Thanksgiving is the Atticus Placemat, paired with the Robin Card Holder in antiqued copper. These warm colors strike just the right tone for this time of year. 

The most delicate pairing includes the June Placemat with the Hailey Card Holder Set. The flax material of the placemat is airy and somewhat opaque, and the tiny golden bird is a dainty accent beside it.

Evan Placemats are a richer option as they are created from two buttery hues of brown leather. Combined with the Matthias rock card holder, it adds a rugged edge to your fall table.


There’s a certain satisfaction to reaching in to scoop out a fresh bowl of salad or piercing your perfect piece of turkey. Commemorate those moments with serveware that matches that feeling. 

Eating like kings? The Roland will make you feel like royalty. It’s available in gold and silver.

Aldwin is on the opposite end of the style spectrum, crafted from of natural teak. It is smooth, lightweight, and has pretty wood grain. It is a very special item to use at this very special time of year.


Salt & Pepper Shakers

One of the easiest ways to add a hint of fun to your table is with a unique salt and pepper shaker. They are initially unobtrusive, but eventually admired and handled during the meal. 

One of the most unique materials on our list makes up our first salt and pepper shaker. The Elliott is made of bone, and features neutral colored vertical stripes. It comes in small, medium, or large sizes.

If we said, “Enchanting llama salt and pepper bowls” –  does it make you smile? Us, too. Share that joy with your guests through the Percy.

Finally, the funky Laiken salt and pepper shakers combines a geometric rock-like shape with gold detailing.


Passing around a pitcher of water, and sharing wine from the same carafe increases togetherness and a sense of community. Since these items stand taller than most of the other items on the table, a well-designed, beautiful, or exciting option acts as an additional centerpiece.  There are countless designs for every style here … but we got the most joy from the Dylan Pitcher. It is exotic, shiny, and definitely makes a statement!



Dining rooms are where people come back together, turn off their phones, and enjoy one another’s company. It is a sacred place in our crazy lives – so why not treat it as such? Whether for Thanksgiving, a party, or a year round treat; dining tables should be designed with love, personality, and the the things that bring you joy – just like the people sitting around it.