Introducing a New French Brand That Is 100% Artisanal. Unique and Poetic Pieces.

New French brand that develops a poetic and vegetal universe on vellum of high quality or ancient linens.

I've been friends with Camille for a very long time. She works for the Marie Claire Ideas and I am a graphic designer and editorial director in publishing. Summer 2017, Camille went to Greece and discovered the cyanotype, a very ancient technique for taking photographs. We decided to embark on this common project from scratch, we had to create everything!

The Cyanotypes is a photography technique that from 1830, invented by Anna Atkins, a botanist specializing in algae and who mounted her first herbariums thanks to cyanotypes. We wanted to pay tribute to her by reviving this technique, with the great trend of herbariums and plants. And our added value is that we make very large formats

We start by mixing photosensitive products and at night, we are in the dark with our flashlights to dry watercolor sheets. A fern is placed in a machine that reproduces sunlight, sprayed with water and in a few seconds, the blue appears. It's Prussian blue, it's magical to see! Each piece is unique because it depends on our brushstrokes and natural elements. Everything is handmade, and it's always a great experience to see.

Each piece is unique and made entirely by hand. The paper prints are manually embossed and the vintage pieces of fabric, signed.

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