Foreign Port No. 404

IR foreign port candle
Price: $42.00 - $244.00
Sold As: Individual
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The thrilling vibration of provincial sensations - converging in unlikely, breathtaking harmony. It's a placeless destination that is inexplicably home to all. Give yourself over to blossomy petit grain, smoldering sage, enigmatic jasmine, sweetly complex cardamom, ancient cypress, and cooling silver pine.
Material: Metal Additional Information: 4oz BURN TIME: 12 Hours

8oz BURN TIME: 35 Hours

9oz BURN TIME: 40 Hours

28oz BURN TIME: 50 Hours

58oz BURN TIME: 90 Hours

(The first time you burn your candle, allow it to burn for at least two hours.)
58oz: 5.5"D x 7"H